The Only Place You'll Find I Talk Extensively About Myself

Who am I?

Proud father, happy husband, successful Real Estate Investor, and Small Business Consultant (less than 100 personnel)

I joined the United States Navy in 1997 and had the opportunity to live in Japan and travel thru Asia, Australia and even went to Russia. I bought my first property in 2004 for $283,000.00, a small 2bed/1bath townhome with a Home Owners Association fee of $350/mth, in California.  So many things wrong with that choice, “so many lessons I learned” as Yoda would say.

As many remember that was a terrible time for the Real Estate market. CA FL NY were hit the worst. The market kept falling until May 2008. I short-sold that home, so many more lessons learned but I stayed in the game. This time, I found great mentors, established a solid business plan, and my business flourished.

About 2010 my personal life took a dive. As divorce is very common in the U.S. I went thru a terrible custody battle for my daughters that lasted for years and crumbled my pillars down to their foundation. Things got very ugly, very fast; petty fights and insults, false accusations back and forth. I learned a lot in the process.

Hitting rock bottom there is only one way to go and that is up. This is what is called a Heroes’ Trial, or a Trial By Fire in which once or twice in your life all your fundamental beliefs and life’s convictions are challenged, come into question, and you are forced to either quit, or fight for your very life with all your strength. This is best illustrated by the analogy of the phoenix that rises from its ashes.

As I did before, I searched for specialized mentors to rebuild my three pillars that would then become stronger than ever, the pillars of body, mind, and spirit. Thru that journey I was exposed to the true realities of how each pillar affects the others, how they all require maintenance, and how it’s important to fortify all three of them equally. My path to enlightenment was revealed, now I just had to walk it.

My military career gave me the organizational skills to find resources, manage assets and to inspire and lead people in order to achieve a common goal, and I have applied these skills in different small businesses.  Most, if not all, small businesses can benefit from this structure of delegation and responsibilities.

As a Real Estate Investor I spent countless hours and money perfecting my contracts by learning the right questions to ask Real Estate Attorneys and CPAs, I learned the market cycles and mastered the systems and strategies necessary to apply in each part of the cycle to never lose again, no matter what the market does. And not worry about competition; with my business modal no one was able to.

This journey gave me the universal understanding of life and how we are all connected, the meanings and births of expressions, and the roles that we all play in each other’s lives. The power of forgiveness, the most difficult power to achieve and how important it is for healing. The whys of human nature, the importance of proper communication starting with your inner dialog; and the possibilities of everything.

My life flourished. I discovered true happiness and found my beautiful wife. We married in 2014 and have been truly happy, at peace, and having fun together ever since. How life changes when you get it right and find the right person to share and enjoy it with. I have shared these insights and lessons before, and have helped many people in the process; a process that you could easily replicate if you just knew how.

Up until now my businesses have remained local and it is time for me to transcend and to take them to the next level. Let us open a dialog, you and I, and tell me how I can help you the most.

As always, if you wish to contact me directly, or have a question or suggestion, please go to the Contact Us section for details. I do read every email and personally try to respond to each and every one of them.

Until next time, thank you and remember, you are truly the single most important person in the world. So take care of yourself and never settle. I’ll see you then!